Show your future some love this Valentine’s

We’re always told to invest in our relationships. And that’s absolutely right. We should. But what’s almost as important is to invest in our own long-term futures.

Valentine’s day. Depending on both your perspective and your personal situation, you might view 14 February in an entirely different light to the person working next to you.

If you’re in the passionate throes of a new relationship, it might be the ideal moment to head out for a gourmet dinner with your new love. If you’re single, it could be the perfect time to spend with other single friends and family. And if you’re long since married, you might view the day as little more than a marketing gimmick…

But no matter whether or not you’re hitched, or you think it’s kitsch, Valentine’s day is an important time to remember to show your future self some love.

What do I mean by this? Let’s say for instance that whatever amount you decide to spend from age 20 to 60 on Valentine’s day, you also commit to socking away into a Stocks and Shares ISA.

Let’s suppose the amount you spend each year on that special someone is £100, and they also decide to invest £100 into an ISA. While of course the value of investments can fall as well as rise and returns will vary by year, let’s also assume that the money you save grows at a rate of 5% a year.

How much of a gift to your future self might that be? £1,000? £2,000? Or more? Thanks to the power of compounding, which the human brain tends to underestimate, the actual answer is well over £12,000.

Now that’s what I mean by showing your future some love!

Legal & General offers Stocks & Shares ISAs, which you can access from as little as £20 a month or a £100 lump sum. 


Please remember that the value of your investment and any income from it is not guaranteed, and can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest.